Episode 13 – Knowing Your Body

We sit down and discuss a recent health scare that we have been dealing with and how we feel the lifestyle helped us to catch this very early.  We understand this is not the typical lifestyle podcast; however we felt this needed to be discussed to hopefully make people aware of any changes in their bodies.

Episode 12 – Our Top 5 Escapades

We finally had a chance to sit down and podcast after a bit of down time due to a surgery. We talk about what has been going on with us and discuss our top 5 escapades from the past years. We look forward to the new year and making some amazing memories with old and new friends.


Episode 11 – Mike & Stacy before and after Hedo 2

We sit down with some great friends Mike and Stacy to discuss different lifestyle venus. We talk about their first ever lifestyle vacation to Hedo 2 and get a chance to hear all about it when they returned. Mike and Stacy have been in the lifestyle for a long time and give a great perspective to the different venues and vacations. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Episode 10 – Part 2 Vanilla couple after first house party

We sit back down with Chloe and Tarzan to discuss their first swinger house party, and see if this lifestyle is for them. The experience was not what they expected however they saw what Chloe referred to as the good, bad and ugly. They did come away with some great insight about swinging, their relationship and if this is something they want to try again. We hope you enjoy!


Episode 9 – Part 1 Vanilla couple interested in swinging

We sit down with Chloe and Tarzan, vanilla friends who have decided to see if swinging is for them. We discuss their fears and any expectations about venturing into the lifestyle, as they attend a Halloween house party with us. We also talk about running into the Lovely Lady in the Sexy Red Dress and her man Hot!

Come back for episode 10 to hear all about their first house party and to see if this is really the lifestyle for them.

Episode 8 – No Means No

In this episode we discuss nonconsensual touching, ways to say no and what we recommend if saying no doesn’t work.

Jen challenges Ben about the perception of how it’s different if a male touches a female without permission, a female touches another female or a male and how it is often more tolerated.

BJ’s tip on how to handle some of these situations.

Upcoming podcasts: Mike and Stacy return from Hedo 2 with the naked truth about what they thought.
Our Vanilla friends Chloe and Tarzan chat with us about the upcoming lifestyle house party they are attending.


Episode 6 – Jen has reservations about Full Swap and MFM

After a day of listening to podcasts about full swap and some MFM, Jen tells me about a dream in which she had a MFM. Jen wanted to immediately podcast about these topics, which was way out of her comfort zone. Listen to us discuss her reservations and concerns with full swap and MFM.

Some of the podcasts that we listen to this week.

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Episode 5 – Stuff and Things with a side of Reality.

We talk about our last couple weekends, including the awesome party at The Champagne Club. This also leads us into a discussion about how we currently attract new couples or even approach them in the club atmosphere. We hope you enjoy the episode.